Hello, world.

I am Chelsea. Presently I live on my best friend’s couch, I make sandwiches for a living, and I am unable to finish my degree. It wasn’t always like this, and won’t always be, either. That makes me pretty happy.

I have recently experienced one of those times in life where literally everything just sort of implodes upon itself and falls to itty bitty little pieces. Usually when this happens to me, I whine very pitifully and wait for someone to come by and make me fix it. I get depressed and let my anxiety mindfuck me into saying fuck all to everything else, I give up, I quit, I’m going right the hell home now, good day sir. I throw in the towel, only for someone to catch it and use it to chokedrag me back therapy/school/work and/or whatever else I’ve neglected. And you know what I just realized? I’ve been a needy little bitch and it isn’t fair to my towel-wielding knights of reason and sanity.

I’m done making everyone else take responsibility for keeping me okay. It’s time for me to do it on my own and finish becoming independent. I’ve been done for a while but I need to get it in writing so that I don’t forget and slip back into my old ways of pathetic drudgery. This is the most opportune time to get out there and find myself. I’m so young, almost 21, and goddamn talented. I know there’s a lot left to learn but I’m eager to get out there and learn it. I’m ready to carry myself through these dark times. I’m ready to be wrong and accept the consequences and learn what’s right. I’m ready to become the person I want to be, and that person keeps up on her writing, damn it.

I intend to use this blog for literally everything and I’ll clean up the mess later. I’m going to keep it completely honest because I want the truth and expect it from others. This is me keeping track of my life and all of the things in it, and anyone who wants to follow along is welcome to. I’m not afraid anymore.